Welcome to Stroke Talks, a dedicated platform inspired by Sybil’s transformative journey. Sybil, a vibrant and healthy mother of three, experienced a life-altering event on April 17, 2021, when she suffered a severe ischemic stroke at a party due to the rare cause known as Carotid Webbing. In response to this unexpected turn of events, Stroke Talks was born with a mission to raise awareness about Carotid Webbing and ultimately save lives.

This platform is more than just Sybil’s story; it’s a beacon of awareness, education, and empowerment. Join us on a journey that encompasses causes, signs, recovery, and the often-overlooked mental health aspects of a stroke warrior’s experience.

Causes of Stroke: Going beyond the commonly known causes of stroke to bring awareness to uncommon causes of stroke with a special focus on the rare but impactful factor of Carotid Webbing. Through expert interviews, engaging discussions, and informative articles, we aim to enhance understanding and recognition of diverse stroke triggers.

Signs of a Stroke: Recognizing the signs of a stroke is crucial for timely intervention. Stroke Talks serves as an educational hub, offering practical insights into identifying symptoms and understanding when to seek immediate medical attention. Empowering our audience with this knowledge is fundamental to our mission of saving lives.

Recovery Journey: Embrace the diversity of recovery experiences with personal narratives, expert perspectives, and practical advice. My goal is to inspire hope, resilience, and a sense of community among those navigating their own recovery journey.

Mental Health Journey of a Stroke Warrior: Acknowledge the importance of mental health in stroke recovery. Stroke Talks brings discussions surrounding the emotional and psychological aspects of the stroke warrior’s experience. By sharing stories, resources, and expert insights, I aim to destigmatize mental health conversations and provide support for those facing the emotional aftermath of a stroke.

At Stroke Talks, I believe in the power of connection, collaboration, and transparency to amplify awareness. My blend of virtual and in-person events offers a diverse range of opportunities for learning, sharing, and building a supportive community. To stay updated, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Join Sybil in this effort to raise awareness, save lives, and create a world where strokes are understood and prevented. Together, let’s make a lasting impact on the understanding and prevention of strokes.

Welcome to Stroke Talks, where every story has the potential to make a difference.